We won’t charge your credit card when order is placed, it will be just a TEMPORARY HOLD on your credit card, once the order is packed and delivered, we charge the card next day after delivery,  we do adjustments to the order amount if there are any missing items or any other concerns, and charge the actual amount after delivery. So, if they are any order adjustments, you may see 2 transaction, one with initial amount and second one with adjusted amount, both will be in PENDING, and only one charge is processed, initial amount PENDING charge will be removed in 1-2 days

Sometimes your search is different from actual name, so try to search using single word instead of 2 words(eg: instead of searching ‘moth beans’, try search just ‘moth’). If you don’t find even after multiple tries, please do send us an email to shrestaindiangrocery@gmail.com , we will respond immediately. Thanks

We do free delivery to many areas in Los Angeles if order amount is more than $49. If the order is less than $49, there will be a delivery charge as listed below.

We deliver to Santa Clarita on Wednesdays & Saturdays.

We deliver to Oak Park on Tuesday & Friday

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